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Shop online for free fundraising for your NZ school, club or charity.  


New Bonus Prize Draw Entry- Win $100 to $500 for you AND your fundraiser.

Over 50 online stores including Apple, Ezibuy, The Nile Bookstore, Dell, OfficeMax, SnatchADeal and many others.

Automatic free fundraising.

or JUST SHOP to help raise funds for all listed fundraisers. 

Fundraising and Shopping Information 

Quick fundraising guide

How to promote your fundraiser

Fundraising FAQs

Shopping FAQs

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Once your supporters become familiar with this fundraising site, they will return again and again, continually raising funds for you year after year.
The simple 1 minute promotion idea
SUPPORT OUR FUNDRAISING –Go to and browse over 50 online stores. All shopping helps raise funds when you select [Insert fundraising group name here].Save money and time by shopping online.
Other quick promotion ideas


What are the benefits of this fundraising idea?
It is totally free and very easy.
It can help raise funds all year long, every year.
There is no need for paperwork.
It requires no time or effort from volunteers, teachers etc, leaving them to get on with other things.
Your supporters raise funds for you, simply by shopping for themselves.
We can not think of an easier method of fundraising!
How do I select my fundraising group?
Simply select your fundraiser from the home page.
How can I raise funds for my fundraising group?
Once you have selected your fundraiser, just start shopping. We do all the rest.
I can’t find my fundraising group.
Check for the full name and if it is listed under The or St. If it is not in the fundraising list please register your fundraiser or email and we will reply promptly.
How can I get my fundraising group to promote this fundraising to raise funds even quicker?
See the “How To Promote Your Fundraiser” section above. Anyone can also email  for further help.
What funds are raised when I make a purchase?
The simple answer is, more shopping means more fundraising.
In detail, the amount of funds raised varies between each store as shown in the list of stores. A purchase of $50 can raise over $6 at some online stores. Each month, the funds raised from a particular store are shared with any other fundraiser who has shopped with that store during the same month. If your fundraiser is the only one to have shopped with that store, then you receive all the funds raised. If supporters from three different fundraisers have shopped with a particular store, then each fundraiser gets a share of all the funds raised for that month at that store. Each fundraising organisation's share is based on the amount of shopping (visits and purchases) their customers do with the chosen retailer. This may mean that you get all the monthly funds raised from some stores and a share of funds raised from others.
How do fundraising groups receive funds?
We pay them directly every time their fundraising account reaches $50 or more.
How often are the fundraisers paid?
Funds are paid to the fundraising group each month. If this amounts to less than $50, then the money is added to the next month’s payment instead.


Is it free to use this site?
It is totally free, we never charge you a thing.
Do I pay more if I use this site?
No. When you make a purchase it is directly with your chosen store at the prices stated on the stores own website.
Why should I bother shopping online?
There are often lots of internet-only deals, special products and prizes. Plus of course, you can shop anytime whilst relaxing at home. No parking, no queues, no fuss!
What are the benefits of shopping at this site?
You can:
 Do I need to register if I want to shop?
No, you can shop and raise funds for your school, club or charity without registering.
So how does this site make any money?
We receive separate advertising fees and commissions from participating stores.
How do I raise funds for my favourite fundraiser?
Simply select your fundraiser from the home page and then start shopping. The amount of funds raised varies between each store as shown in the list of stores. A purchase of $50 can raise over $6 at some stores. More shopping means more fundraising.
How do I shop using this site?
Use the express product search to quickly compare gifts and products in different stores.
Click on categories to browse the latest deals and hot products from several stores.
Find your favourite store in the online store list.
If you have selected your favourite fundraiser then all shopping can raise funds for your school, club, charity or other fundraising group.
Are my personal details secure?
We do not take your details. You only supply them to your chosen store when you wish to make a purchase as normally expected.
Do I have to register with every store I make a purchase with?
You can make this very painless by using Google Autofill (see Just put your details in once and any future forms can be automatically filled in at the press of a button. Most stores require you to register to make purchases online.
Do I need to order online?
Yes, to qualify for fundraising, orders need to be completed online once our links connect you to your chosen store.
What happens if I want to return or cancel my order?
To help you, please contact the customer services department of your chosen store. Of course, no funds are raised if your order is returned or cancelled.
What do I do if my items do not arrive?
As your purchases are made directly with your chosen store, you will be able to contact their customer services department to help you.
Can my workplace or business shop at ?
Yes, by using to link through to your chosen store, you can raise a lot of funds for your school, club, charity or other fundraising group. Just use our links and order as usual. (If you have an account with the chosen store it is still ok to use our links and your account details).
How can I spread the word about this fundraiser?
You can easily copy the item below into any emails to family, friends and other contacts. To make this very easy just copy it once into your email signature.
SUPPORT OUR FUNDRAISING –Go to and browse over 50 online stores. All shopping helps raise funds when you select [Insert fundraising group name here].Save money and time by shopping online.

 You can always email for further information or help.

For easy fundraising, register your fundraising group for free.



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